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Action Movie Fanatix – 2014 Kickstarter

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Action Movie Fanatix - 2014 The Martial Arts Kid-poster

Sometimes we have these Kickstarter campaigns that seem really cool but don’t quite seem possible.  Not only does the Kickstarter for The Martial Arts Kid seem really, really cool… it is REALLY close to actually happening.  There is currently eight days left to get them to their goal.  Take a look and pledge your support if it sounds like something you’d like to see.


The Martial Arts Kid stars martial arts greats Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock as well as some other impressive cast additions such as Jansen Panettiere (brother to Hayden), Nassim “Young Dragon” Faras Lahrizi, TJ Storm, Matthew Ziff, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and fight choreography by James Lew.

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