Actors Day in LA follows Matthew Ziff to set of “Six Gun Savior”

  |   Actor, Six Gun Savior

Six-Gun-Savior_PosterSix Gun Savior: In a time of Outlaws … One man rides to the gates of Hell.

In this supernatural western, Six Gun Savior, the Old West comes to life in this tale of a drifter, named Lane McCrae, whose life is torn asunder when an outlaw murders his family. With his dying words he makes a pact with the Devil.


Now five years later and only months after the conclusion of the Civil War, Lane renews his search for the outlaw Dillon. However, Dillon is not Lane’s only prey as his deal with the Devil has him hunting rogue Demons and Angels alike. When his ex-lover, Elizabeth, resurfaces, all hell breaks loose.

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