Matthew Ziff LOF Interview

An Interview With Actor Matthew Ziff

  |   Actor, The Dark Return Of Time

Actor Matthew Ziff started his professional career as a young child, when he showed a remarkable talent for modelling and acting. The now 25-year-old American is preparing for the lead role of Flavian Bennett in the upcoming mystery thriller The Dark Return Of Time. Filming starts early this summer in Paris and London, where he will be joined by fellow actors Eric Roberts, Bill Cobbs and Hélène Cardona, among many others.

“I’m very excited about this movie project. As an actor I always find it interesting to bring a character to life. You’re given the lines and a brief description of your role… but it’s up to you to take that and make Flavian, in my case, an actual, living human being,” Matthew explains. “Plus, it’s going to be fantastic to work with all these great actors. I’ve worked with the amazing Eric Roberts on the recently released Six Gun Savior, a western which I also produced. So I’m looking forward to working with him again and with his lovely wife, actress Eliza Roberts. I’ve been on Eric’s and Eliza’s internet radio show a couple of times as well, which was good fun. And my mother, actress Lorraine Ziff, is also part of our wonderful and interesting cast!”