Choices Recovery Mishawaka Talks About Overcoming Adversity with Actor Matthew Ziff

  |   Actor, The Martial Arts Kid

On April 8th, 2015, at the famous Avalon Hollywood in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, Choices Recovery sponsored Durkin Entertainment’s “RockNRolla” EcoLuxe Lounge, a daylong event organized by Debbie Durkin, LA’s leading producer of sustainable product placement in TV and film.

A gathering of some of the world’s top providers of ecologically sound and socially conscious products and services, the EcoLuxe Lounge is a premier red carpet event that makes appearances at various awards ceremonies and festivals each year, including the Emmys, Oscars, and Sundance.

Among those who took a few moments to share their viewpoints with Chase and Choices was Matthew Ziff, an actor and martial arts expert that has starred in many roles, including parts in Safelight, The Martial Arts kid and Among Friends. “It is really something that we need to, as a culture, work out of our system,” Matthew offers, speaking about the addictive qualities of bullying, which he works toward eradicating with many anti-bullying causes and organizations. “Whether it’s addiction, depression, bullying, whatever it is, if you are going through something and you really need somebody, anything can help. It’s something people need to be aware of, and how they can help the people around them.” A video of Matthew’s interview has been released on Choices Recovery’s YouTube channel.


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