Fangoria - 2013 Treachery Review

Fangoria – 2013 Treachery Review

  |   Actor, Treachery

Productions film written and directed by Travis Romero, TREACHERY is about a group of friends who gather at a cabin in
the woods for a wedding party that turns dark and violent. Michael Biehn, Matthew Ziff, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE’s Sarah Butler, Caitlin Keats, Jennifer Blanc, Richard Gunn, Christian J. Meoli, Tanya Newbould and Chris Meyer star, and producers Rob Freeman and Cody Hackman from Hackybox Pictures have come aboard to help with post.


The duo cast Biehn in their upcoming mixed-martial-arts feature TAPPED (about a teenager who enters an MMA
tournament to take revenge on the man who killed his parents, co-starring Hackman, Martin Kove and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN’s Nick Bateman), and they got along so well that not only did Freeman and Hackman become part of the
TREACHERY team, they’re in talks to collaborate on future projects.

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