Lorraine and Matthew Ziff Draw A Lot Of Attention On Sunscreen Red Carpet

  |   Actor, The Martial Arts Kid

“The Martial Arts Kid” cleaned up at the Sunscreen Film Festival (held May 1-3, 2015). It won one of the night’s big prizes as “Best Florida Film” and Matthew Ziff again demonstrated his star is on the rise by winning “Best Supporting Actor” for his fearsome portrayal of Bo Whitlaw as “The Bully” who torments the titular “Kid”, played by Jansen Panettiere.

Even with all that, though, a lot of the focus during the weekend was witnessing and talking about how dynamite both Lorraine Ziff and Matthew Ziff looked on the Sunscreen red carpet.


As seen in the photo above, Matthew had a classy/casual/chic look. His movie-star smile was in sharp contrast to the intimidating, bulky, scowling visage he portrays onscreen as Whitlaw.

As for his mother Lorraine, who has acted with her son in a few projects, including “Kid”, she also turned some heads.

Wrapped in white, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed stunner flashed her perfect smile and was glamour personified.

People will likely be chatting about this red carpet appearance by Lorraine and Matthew Ziff until they attend their next one.