Multi-Dimensional Matthew Ziff in the Martial Arts Kid

  |   Actor, The Martial Arts Kid

Robbie’s main antagonist in the film is Bo Whitlaw who is portrayed by Matthew Ziff. In what is probably the film’s most complicated role, Ziff makes the role his own. Ziff’s Bo is not a typical one-dimensional high school thug as Matthew imbues the character with ambition at the cost of others. There is a subtle nod in Ziff’s performance that implies that his character behaves in a brusque because he is hoping for approval from a nontraditional instructor and his girlfriend, Rina. Ziff is not known for villainous roles, but he has walked down a new avenue in The Martial Arts Kid and there can be no doubt that he will now be considered for future roles that call for the actor to explore the dark side of human beings once again.