Matthew is Wrapping it up with The Martial Arts Kid

  |   Actor, The Martial Arts Kid

There have been a number of success stories since the concept of crowd funding projects such as motion pictures has become an accepted alternative to other means of raising capital using more traditional methods. One of the more recent projects that have successfully accomplished its goals on Kickstarter was the just wrapped film known as The Martial Arts Kid. The Kickstarter campaign for the film officially began on April 20, 2014 and met and exceeded its funding goal of $150,000 by $23,486 on June 4, 2014. The filmmakers were able to utilize their modest budget and divide filming locations between Cocoa Beach, Florida and Canoga Park, California. The California location was where this columnist was able to observe and document the final days of The Martial Arts Kid.

The Martial Arts Kid updates the classic coming of age tale of a picked upon kid who has to figure out how to defend himself against a much feared high school bully. The title role of Robbie is played by Jansen Panettiere who is forced to move to Cocoa Beach because his grandmother has reached wits end with the troubled youth. At his new home, Robbie is immediately confronted by Bo(Matthew Ziff) who humiliates and trounces him in front of the prettiest girl in the high school, Rina(Kathryn Newton). Will Robbie be able to confront and best Bo? Will he be able to win the girl of his dreams? Those and many more questions will be shown and answered when the film gets its premiere in 2015.


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