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Matthew Ziff On “The Martial Arts Kid”: “Reaction Has Been Very Positive”

  |   Actor, The Martial Arts Kid

If there were any doubts that Matthew Ziff was an actor with a sharp career trajectory upward, they have been officially laid to rest.

As the anticipated film, “The Martial Arts Kid”, starts rolling toward release, it is starting to generate some good word of mouth and buzz after some private screenings in Los Angeles and at the 2015 “Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors – known by many as “The Academy Awards Of Martial Arts” – in Atlantic City last month.

Matthew Ziff, who plays Bo Whitlaw, the bully of the titular “Kid” in the film, is one of those who screened the almost-finished film – and says he has heard many others at the screenings say kind things about “The Martial Arts Kid”.

“Yes! Although I saw the film in LA, I did get a chance to pop into the screenings (in Atlantic City) and say hello to fans”, exclaims Ziff. “My parents came to the event to see the film – because they missed the LA screening – so I watched it with them (and) it was funny to see their reactions!”

Ziff – who is a Black Belt in real life – says he truly enjoyed his experience at “The Academy Awards of Martial Arts”.

“I had an amazing time at the Hall of Honors last weekend”, Ziff exclaims. “The camaraderie, the collective knowledge and experience (and just) everything about it radiated with honor and mutual respect for fellow martial artists!”

“I was very fortunate to be invited by Master Goldberg and to be there representing Bullying We’re Kicking It!”, Ziff continues. “So many incredible people…They ran an amazing event (and) I’m very excited to go back next year!”

Ziff is also very pleased with how “The Martial Arts Kid” looks.

“I think it turned out well”, Ziff exclaims. “It’s a great family movie and people of all ages will love it! It really strongly portrays the anti-bullying message and respect for others that we were trying so hard to accomplish. I hope schools, martial arts and otherwise, show it to their young students so they can learn the importance of respect.”

Ziff says what also makes him happy is that the response of those who have attended the screenings has been overwhelming and encouraging.

“The fan reaction has been very positive! A lot of people would come up to me in the convention – when they recognized me anyway – and tell me how much they enjoyed the movie” exclaims Ziff. “Especially the younger fans. Several girls and boys came back many times to say hello and talk about the film- I think we made a very solid positive impression them and I hope they will spread the message along with us.”,manual,manual,manual,manual