SIx Gun Savior Red Carpet Premiere

Matthew Ziff and Six Gun Savior dazzles during premiere

  |   Actor, Six Gun Savior

It has been a long time coming(three years to be exact), but the supernatural themed western entitled Six Gun Savior finally received its red carpet premiere at the Crest Westwood Theater in Los Angeles, California on the night of August 4, 2015. The cast and crew were on hand to receive the traditional red carpet treatment in the lobby of the movie theater surrounded by an impressive amount of press photographers and event interviewers. It was quite evident that the friendships that were made during the production of the independent western were genuinely intact as all associated with the film were quite affectionate with each other which was a welcome sight as the industry is known more for creating rivalries rather than camaraderie. There was an undeniable atmosphere of excitement among the cast and crew as they barely themselves before the premiere! The carpet was open for more than one hour of activity and even among the press the excitement was escalating as many were curious to see if the film would live up to the joy that it seemed to generate before the screening.