Matthew Ziff Is Just Starting To Truly Shine

  |   Actor, The Martial Arts Kid

Sometimes, your calling hits you before you’re old enough to even realize it. That’s true with Matthew Ziff, who started a modeling career at the age of just two months old. Unlike other young models, however, Ziff continued to enjoy it as he grew older and focused his efforts on honing his craft and furthering his career. By ten years old, he’d already appeared in countless magazine ads, commercials, and even comedy skits on late night shows like David Letterman. Matthew continued focusing on acting throughout high school and appeared in numerous productions on the stage – including working as a stage director. One he entered college, he signed with a talent agency and started acting full time. Since then, he’s never lacked work and has stayed very busy. While he appeared in numerous films and TV shows, it was his role in Blanc Biehn Production’s film “Treachery”, directed by Travis Romero, that really put him on the map as an actor with true star power. The film, about an estranged father and son who become trapped together in a cabin during a wedding party, has garnered a lot of praise – especially for the emotional, impressive performance of Ziff. Ziff holds his own with longtime film veteran Michael Biehn, and several critics including Nick Nicholson of CNN Radio Houston gave him significant praise. Ziff has also finished filming on several other genre films including “Altered Perception”, a sci-fi/thriller film, the western “Hardin”, and “Mansion of Blood”, which co-stars Gary Busey.In addition to acting, Matthew takes on a producing role as executive producer for “Six Gun Savior” and co-producer of “Mansion of Blood”. Read more